What We Play

Our group plays a variety of tabletop and role playing games. On any given weekly game night you might find a couple of RPG tables, a board game table and maybe even some card games. The following is a snapshot of some of the games we have played over the years but by all means is not an exhaustive list. Members are more than welcome to bring or suggest games that they’d like to play as well.

A game of zombicide in progress at one of our weekly game nights.

In the tabletop gaming realm, our club owned box (available each week for all members to use freely) contains a number of games. These include likes of Scrawl, Blood Bowl, Arkham Ritual, Concept, Magic The Gathering, Randomise, Bananagrams and Welcome Back To The Dungeon. Other notable games that have been played at our club include Gloomhaven, Pandemic, 7 Wonders, Dead of Winter, Zombicide, Smallworld, Cranium, Dominion, Scythe, Time Stories, Unlock, Munchkin, Ankhmorpork, Battle Sheep, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, X-Wing, Zombie Dice, Dark Souls and Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Our club owned box contains a number of useful supplies to aid in roleplaying gaming. These include flip mats, marker pens, pencils, sticky notes, dice and even published campaign books.

Roleplaying games are a staple of game night. At the club our members play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, including “home brew” campaigns as well as published adventures such as Storm King’s Thunder, Curse of Strahd, Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat to name but a few. We also play a few other RPGs including Pathfinder, Delta Green, Star Trek, Dragon Age, Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu.