About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to the East Devon Tabletop Gaming Group, formerly known as the East Devon Tabletop & Roleplaying Group and previously as the Honiton RPG Group. We’re a group of friendly tabletop game enthusiasts, meeting in the skittle alley of The Three Tuns, Honiton, East Devon once a week to play tabletop, board and roleplaying games and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere.

EDTGG Game Night Photo

One of our regular game nights in full swing.

The East Devon Tabletop Gaming Group was founded back in October 2015. Back then it was just three or four people meeting up in a pub to play Pathfinder once a week, whereas now the group boasts regular attends of around 20 members and usually 4 or 5 different gaming tables playing a variety of games. If you’re only into the likes of Monopoly or Cluedo then this may not be for you, but if you’re interested in broadening your gaming horizons and meeting fellow gamers then read on.

A game of Dragon Age RPG taking place at our weekly game night.

What We Play

We usually have 1 or 2 weekly Dungeons & Dragons games going, board gaming tables, legacy games such as Gloomhaven and Pandemic Legacy, the occasional Warhammer 40k or Blood Bowl game and a number of Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and YuGiOh players hanging around somewhere in there too. Quite often the group will indulge in some other RPG’s such as Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Star Trek, Dragon Age, Warhammer RPG, Pathfinder and whatever else takes out fancy.

One of our packed out Games Day events at our old haunt in Lympstone. Our events such as our annual 24 hour gaming day now attract just as many members, but in a more comfortable setting.

The group is owned by it’s members and run by a committee which is elected every year at our AGM. It is a not for profit club and it is open to anyone subject to agreement to abide by the Club Constitution and Rules of Conduct to ensure a safe environment is created for all. Currently an a 16+ age limit is currently in place due to the pub setting. We welcome absolute new comers to the world of tabletop gaming and we’ll gladly guide you through until you’re happy to go solo. Membership is just £5 per year after your first 2 taster sessions which covers you for attendance every week. If you’re interested in joining us, see our membership page for more information and check out our calendar for upcoming gaming events.

We look forward to meeting you soon for an adventure!