Feeding an AI Artwork Machine board game concepts

By Stephen Mingo

Okay, so a bit of a weird one here. I found this AI art machine called Wombo. I thought it would be fun to feed it vauge concepts about board games and see what artwork it produced. The results were oddly thought provoking and in some cases quite surprising!

Ticket to Ride meets Salvador Dali in an image that quite frankly melts my brain.


Pandemic produces a surprisingly thought provoking result.


Dungeons and Dragons produces a very mystical result, yet oddly satisfying.


Wow. The Monopoly input kind of came out like a dollar bill made of tightly packed properties. Seriously, this bot is a clever boy.


I put a rough description of Cluedo in. The result is somehow much more spine chilling than the basic murder mystery game would have us think.


The AI rendition of One Night: Ultimate Werewolf seems surprisingly apt!


At least it got Delta Green right!

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