Game Night 2022 News!


– THANK YOU! We raised £719.72 for Vranch House Special Needs School at our 2021 charity Gaming Day. Sadly this year it was 12 hours and not the full 24, let’s hope COVID goes away for next year’s event! It was a wonderful day and night with a room bursting full of gaming tables, a tasty cake sale, a rowdy raffle prize draw followed by an auction and a bargain filled bring and buy table. We’d like to extend an extra special thanks to any and all who attended and to all the companies who donated prizes to support the fundraising. The money has been very helpful to Vranch House and will go toward their new special access minibus! 

– WEDNESDAY NIGHTS! Starting in the New Year, we will be able to game TWO nights a week. Subject to confirmation, we should be able to use the room at The Three Tuns on Wednesday evenings as well. This will be for special events and board game nights, leaving Tuesday for all your RPG needs and allowing you the choice of both RPGs and board games each week! A reminder for newcomers that you can find us in the back of The Three Tuns, High Street, Honiton on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. Bring your own games or just turn up and join in! 

– DISCORD! Our gaming group discord is still going strong. A reminder that you’re welcome to join if you want. It is a useful place to plan and arrange games with others each week. Join us here:

– NEW GAMER NIGHT. One of the first few of these events will be a newbie night to allow new people to come in and try some gateway board games.

– THE ONE RING RPG IS COMING TO GAME NIGHT! We have a review copy and we will be running it very soon. Keep an eye on the page to be a part of this exciting club review.

– WEREWOLF LEGACY. Players are sought for a game of Werewolf Legacy run by Steve, the more the better and potentially on a Wednesday evening too. Everyone, close your eyes…

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