Review – Poetry for Neanderthals

Poetry for Neanderthals

Poetry for Neanderthals

Review by Stephen Mingo

Ugg. Man play game. Game fun. Man hit friend with big stick. Ha.
This… Is a pretty good introduction to the wonderful and unique party game that is Poetry for Neanderthals! From the same gaming company who brought us Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns and Throw, Throw Burrito comes this fun social word game complete with an inflatable stick to beat your friends with.

We are well overdue a board game review here at EDTGG. The sad truth is that life has dealt me a pretty rubbish hand lately, and I’ve been a little absent from the tabletop gaming world. Now that things are a little more stable (than a unicorn?), it’s time to delve back into the world of cards, rules and err… Inflatable mallets? Poetry for Neanderthals was so easy to play that it made for the perfect game for me to reintroduce myself to game night. The rules can be explained as simple as: read the card, get your team mates to guess what’s on the card, don’t break the rules or you’ll get hit by a caveman on the opposing team. Score points with successful guesses and win the game!

Poetry for Neanderthals

The aforementioned breakable rules is where this game finds it’s unique flavour. Aside from not saying what’s on the card, you can only give clues by speaking in single syllables, just like a cave man. You’re up against a traditional sand timer and the pressure’s on to engage your brain and come up with words. There are two levels on the cards, a single word worth 1 point, or a multiple word variant worth 3 points if you can get your team to guess it. Although, sometimes it’s easier just to take the 1 point and move on, case in point: Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.

Bacon, bacon, bacon

The bonus after-game round adds a little extra fun too. As a team you choose a poem, with blanks, and select your favourite words from your scoreboard to fill those blanks. A team member is elected to then deliver a stunning cavemenesque rendition of said poem purely for the enjoyment of all other players.

The NO Stick

At a run time of around 15 minutes, this nifty little game makes a good warm up for game night, or simply an addition to a social party type of evening. It can be picked up for around £15 and caters for 3 players upwards. Of all the times I’ve played it so far, I’ve found 6 players to be the sweet spot (3 a side). It’s one I’ll be keeping around in standby to crack out during those social evenings at home with friends.

This game make good add to board game pile. Ugg Ugg fun stick hit friend with. Thank for read. Bye.


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