Unboxing: Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar

Preview by Stephen Mingo

The long-lost artifact known as the Rod of Light and Darkness had a touch that could breathe life into dead things or steal it away from that which lived. In this very moment, the location of the artifact has been revealed, an opportunity that cannot be ignored. But it rests in an area known to treasure-hunters as a place where lightning rain burns flesh and shatters dreams…

Whilst we are still in the grips of the pandemic, gaming has been a little more difficult of late. A full review will come in time, but for now we at EDT Gaming are very excited to be able to do an unboxing of Free League Publishing’s new RPG ‘Symbaroum’. Releasing on February 16th 2021, the following is the official press release.

The Symbaroum Starter Set – Treasure Hunts in Davokar is the perfect entry point to venture deep into the lush world and offers treasure hunts and expeditions in the mysterious forest.

The set contains everything needed to start playing, including two ready-made adventure sites, guidelines for creating treasure hunt adventures, a 64-page rulebook, a 64-page adventure compendium, a dice set, two double-sided full color maps and six printed character sheets with pre-made player characters.

In search for more knowledge: www.symbaroum.com

Behold the Symbaroum Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1dHE7jlsMI

The new boxed set will be priced at ($39.99) and is now available for preorder. The preorder offer places the customer first in line when the shipping starts, and gives exclusive access to a high-res digital Symbaroum Artbook that will not be made available to any others.

So with said, let’s open this parcel and see what we’ve got here!

The box art is pretty cool, giving me vibes of a pirate dynasty but giving little away as to what mysteries lie within. The back cover, below, gives us a little more. The Blasted Heath, is that a Lovecraft nod? The write up here promises to plunge us into the dark and mysterious forest of Davokar for our first two ready made adventures. It would appear the box set also serves as a good grounding to create further adventures of your own.

Now to remove the cellophane (gasp!) and slowly lift the lid of this beauty. The first thing I notice is the pack of emerald green dice waiting to greet my eyes. They look great! Giving the D20 a few test rolls just to make sure and I think I used up all the good ones it had. Kudos to the publishers for putting in some silica gel to keep things moisture free and fresh in transit and for a plastic bag to keep the dice contained. Also sitting on top we have the Free League publishing catalogue. Just as a reminder of the other games they’ve published we’ve got Alien: The RPG, Forbidden Lands, Tales From The Loop, Twilight: 2000, Vaesen (see our preview of that here), Mutant: Year Zero, Mork Borg (look out for our coverage of that soon) and Coriolis – The Third Horizon. Quite the library for those wanting a break from D&D!

Next we have six pregen character sheets printed on some high quality paper. The game is ready to play out of the box and we’ve got a Knight, a Witch Hunter, a Goblin Treasure Hunter, a Theurg (possibly a form of Cleric?), an Ogre Ritualist Wizard and a Mystical Being companion!

Underneath the character sheets we come to a glorious map of Ambria & Davokar (the known parts at least). On one side we have the world at large, and on the reverse we have a detailed city map of Thistle Hold. There is a second map here too which appears to complement one of the ready made adventures. It has a beautiful illustration of a tower on one side, which I won’t photograph here as there have to be some surprises left for you.

Last, but certainly not least, we have two books (labelled 1 and 2 conveniently). Book One contains the starter rules, the background to the world of Symbaroum and its factions and races, and of course the mechanics of the game itself. Book Two, entitled Setting & Adventures is where we find our pre-made scenarios as well as some useful tips on how to run an immersive game. Both books are peppered with incredible artwork bringing the world to life. We’ll dive into a little more detail about the books themselves when we get a chance to run the games through, for now enjoy the photo of this awesome concept of an Inn!

We can’t wait to get our teeth into this new dark and mysterious world of role-playing later this year. In the meantime, if you like what you see, you can check out the product and place a preorder at the following link or at any good tabletop gaming retailer. 


“Symbaroum is a dark fantasy set in a deep and dark forest chock full of ancient ruins and treasures. Its landscapes are haunted, its characters traumatized, and its monsters are pure, unbridled nightmare fuel. (-) Also the art by itself is enough to haunt your dreams” ~ Sara Elsam, Dicebreaker, 10 best fantasy RPGs that aren’t Dungeons & Dragons

“All in all, this is a stunning piece of work. It has all the sophistication of 13th Age, the mechanical beauty of Dungeon World, and the dark attractiveness of Warhammer Fantasy in a comprehensive and elegant game.” ~ Rodney Orpheus, Medium

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